No drilling dentistry in Golders Green

Five major questions for you to answer

  1. Do you like the dental drill.
  2. Do you like your dental bills.
  3. Do you want those small holes in your mouth to grow bigger or would you like them to harden and not have to do have your tooth cut!
  4. Do you like to have an active disease in your body.
  5. Do you want new holes in your mouth this time next year.

If the answer to these questions is NO then you need our UNIQUE minimal invasive approach.

Ask yourself! – Is that filling really necessary?

Diseases are often divided into two distinct parts. The disease itself and the destruction that it causes to our bodies. The question each patient has to ask themselves is do I want the disease treated or just the damage repaired?

Remember if you choose this path the chances are that if you still have the disease and the damage will continue. Isn’t it best to cure the disease?

Now we can understand the problem that we as dentists have! Patients often don’t want to attend to the disease because in the case of both tooth decay and gum disease, the cure lies in lifestyle changes. A lot of dentists often anticipate this attitude and don’t even offer patients a chance.

WE ARE REALLY PASSIONATE ABOUT GIVING YOU A CHANCE TO CONTROL YOUR DECAY and that’s only the first part of minimal invasive dentistry because we also want to show you how you can avoid having your existing holes drilled and even more important show you how not to have new ones in a years time.

So in answer to the above question no! you often do not have to have that tooth drilled and filled – What should I do?

Stage 1

We analyse for you why you are getting holes and show you how to prevent future problems. We will count the number and type of germs that cause decay in your mouth. We also analyse your diet and saliva and much more. In short we can often tell you exactly why you are getting holes and how to prevent them.

Stage 2

We can harden your small/medium sized holes through modern techniques, these include medications and the brand new resin infiltration techniques.

Contact us straight away and we will book you in for a consultation and tell you whether you need to have those holes drilled!

For more information on No Drilling Dentistry or to book an appointment call 020 8458 1611 or fill in our enquiry form here.